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25 June 2009 @ 11:01 pm
Since I always feel the need to interject my two cents, I have to ~express my thoughts~ on the goings-on today. If you're Facebook friends with me / following me on Twitter, you've probably gathered the jist of what I'm about to say.

  1. I have to start with this: I am a little sad for Farrah's family. I think that's an important distinction between being sad for her and sad for her family. Aside from the very obvious reason that I'm sad for them -- they suffered a great loss -- I have a seemingly petty, trivial reason to be sad.. but.. it does kind of suck to have the death of a loved one out shined. Sorry to make this even more trivial with a Veronica Mars reference, but just as you'd want to see a big pile of roses next to your deceased relative, it would have been nice for them to see her death properly mourned by America.

  2. I was reading in ontd_twatlight that many people's Facebook newsfeeds were filled with horribly disrespectful jokes about Michael Jackson's child molestation allegations. Fortunately, I am not Facebook friends with enough of my high school classmates for that to be an issue. I do, however, go to school in Washington, D.C. which means I go to school with a lot of intellectually pretentious douche bags. I say this with as much love as possible since I'm referring, of course, to my friends. One of my bigger pet peeves has long been people who feel that pop culture is somehow beneath them. I'm a sociology major and when you look at the shifts in social dynamics over the last hundred years, you'd be a fool to discredit the importance of culture in that shift. For better or worse, culture matters. I can't stand people who think it doesn't. A lot of people admit that culture matters but they are arrogant about what counts in that category -- which is almost even more annoying to me. Regardless, I have learned to set this aside -- I kind of have to. It's usually not so difficult because I do really care about political issues and it's easy to just participate in the conversation and pretend I don't hear the self-righteous bullshit. Right now, I just can't. My newsfeed may not have been overwhelmed by crass jokes, but it was inundated with whining of this nature. So, taken from my Facebook status, my response:
    Nicole understands the frustration people are feeling about the suspension of coverage on Iran, but is more frustrated that we couldn't even spend 24 hours being respectful of a lost life before spitting on a dead man's corpse. As for the question of whether or not this deserves the attention it is receiving.. the man is a legend and maybe it is a statement on the frivolity of our culture, but he mattered. Still matters.
    I get it. Iran is important.. but, to those people I could offer a counter-argument: there are people enduring worse than what the Iranians are and not even you, the pompous self-proclaimed intellectuals, give a shit about them. More importantly (to me), he is a huge part of our cultural legacy and his death does matter. Quite frankly, anyone who feels like patronizing me for thinking it does, can fuck off. Moreover, I really can't stand it coming from my livejournal friends. You don't get to sit around and fangirl out over New Moon trailers and what Rob wore to the Oscars.. and then turn around and belittle the death of Michael fucking Jackson. Just.. fuck you.

  3. Now that I'm good and riled up, I will go back to what I alluded to before (re: spitting on his corpse). I did have a few unfortunate statuses in my newsfeed
    thank you Lord, that you knew that Michael Jackson was about to go back on tour, and did something about it.
    These are mostly courtesy of my high school friends (hurrah for the mighty bible belt) -- and I use the word "friends" strictly in the Facebook sense. Similarly, the news media's infatuation with this subject bothered me a little. I understand the importance of remembering the man honestly, and I don't wish to censor that discussion permanently.. but.. it seems a little disrespectful to launch right into that mere hours after he died. He has a family.. I don't know. This clearly doesn't have me nearly as riled as the previous issue.

  4. All of that being said, I am incredibly unsettled about what to expect of the coverage in the days and weeks ahead. Larry King pointed out that the allegations that will come out in the coming days/weeks are going to be awful. This is going to get really nasty really quickly and that bothers me. The plus side? Maybe we won't have to hear about Jon and Kate... Yeah, I know, that was a douche-y silver lining.

On a fully trivial note that I won't apologize for (it would hypocritical after diatribe #2) I'm content with the SYTYCD results. I think that the other girl in the bottom two deserved to go home but I don't care that she did (I'm not naming names because I'm too lazy to use a cut) and he TOTALLY deserved to go home. I'm a little mad at America for placing them in the bottom three again but otherwise, I am pleased with tonight's results show.

one last trivial note: I don't even know how to begin to tag this.
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23 March 2000 @ 02:34 am
My userinfo is getting cluttered. Various credits are being moved here.

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